It’s never ok to access someone else’s social media accounts….

By day job I’m a techie 😁

I recently dated a guy who thought that it was OK to hack his ex girlfriends Facebook account (fellow techie)…. I date losers 😂

Anyway it just reminded me, how important it is to keep accounts on lock down, to ensure losers like this never make it onto your accounts.

Follow my tips below:

Keep passwords different for each account – a ballache remembering them all, but if they crack one, they’ve cracked them all.

If you’re at the point of sharing a computer, don’t let Google save your password – it’s unbelievably easy to go into the Web page developer options and set the page to show the password.


Hide friends – you can use the friends to reset a Facebook password

2 step authentication

Set up 2 step authentication – this sends a text to your mobile phone with a code to enter before you can login.

You can set this up on Facebook, Instagram, snapchat

I will continue to add to these tips however if you need help changing any settings, please let me know and I will be on hand to assist.

😘 X