About me

About me….

I feel like beginning with one of those cliché dating profile opening paragraphs… ‘Hi, I’m Lyndsey, I hate writing these things’.  Honestly go online dating, half the profiles read the same. You want a date, you need some originality. Make yourself stand out from the crowd 🙂

Anyway I’ve been distracted, easily happens 🙄

Me, as I’ve already said I’m Lyndsey. I’m in my 30’s which I love 😍

Just like a good whisky getting better with age 😂

I have 3 boys,  work full time and I’m  soon to be divorced.

Thought I’d have a go at blogging as I love to talk and probably like everyone else who decides to have a go I feel as though I’ve got loads to say and share.

Follow my ups and downs as I begin dating again and share my experiences!