Are these guys for real?!?!

I’ve no idea, what has inspired me just now, however I’m sat at the park, relaxed, watching my children run round happily and I’ve had a light bulb moment, for my latest blog….

I’ve shared the fact, that I am attracted to the douchbag!

Here are some of the class one liners, that these different Douche bags have told me over the years:

Todd – “No man will look at you, now you’re a single mum of 2”

…. Really!?!? 😂 So all single parents, are doomed never to date again.

Bill – “I had to see a Councillor because your mum-tum freaked me out that much”

…. It’s a good job, that I didn’t adopt your attitude, when I saw the size of your tiny dick 😂

Darren “Your belly wobbles like a bowl of jelly”

…. Where do I begin??? In a nutshell, I wouldn’t have looked twice at you, if my sister, hadn’t of set us up 😂

Of course, those come backs are what I should have said. Not what I actually said!

I don’t have the heart to be that cruel and give the douchbags insecurities.

To be honest, I look back and have to laugh, these type of men, only say things like this because they have so many insecurities and don’t feel like they’re good enough for you. Therefore they have to drag you down, so you feel as though, you’re not worthy of them.

In reality if they put as much effort in making you feel special, then you wouldn’t want to leave them, unfortunately what happens instead, when someone does show you the positive attention, you realise that they’re the ones, who do not deserve you.

No man or woman should ever put their partner down.

My newly adopted attitude is self love, if you love and respect yourself, then when guys make comments like this, you realise a lot quicker…. No I love myself, therefore deserve someone that makes me feel loved and amazing!

All I can say is goodbye douchbags 😂

😘 X

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