They always say that you find love, when you least expect it…

In my last post, I shared the funny tale, of how I managed to put my tent up, inside out and was saved by a couple who came and helped.

It was, despite the frustrations, a really good start, to an amazing weekend 😁

This post is a follow on story… Still at Camp bestival, we’re now on the Saturday.

If you haven’t heard of camp bestival, it’s a festival for families, probably the last place, that you would go, if you was hoping to meet someone!

There was so much on, science tents launching rockets, Cbeebies tents for crafts, a fair, the horrible history tudors and of course bands, my boys and I, were having so much fun, we were none stop. I always say, when you’re none stop, mad, crazy, busy that you don’t have time to think about being alone. This was definitely one of those situations!

It’s a good experience being at a festival and one, that I would recommend trying, if you’ve never been. You stop caring about what you look like, even the horrible porter-potties and not showering become a part of the experience. The rain didn’t deter us from having fun either.

By the Saturday, my hair was at the unmanageable point, I was lucky to find a girl who braided it for me. I looked a right sight, but fitted in well with the crowds πŸ˜‚

After having my hair braided, we went to the main stage and watched all saints and the bootleg beatles 😁

Next on was Holly Johnson… Not someone, that I was familiar with, to be honest I was expecting a female artist πŸ˜‚

So Holly came on the stage, my boys and I didn’t recognise his music, so decided it was time to go and have another explore. The evenings held different activities, so it was always nice to mix it up a bit ☺️

The boys spotted a monkey mural… One of those things, that you put your face in – perfect for them being little monkeys! Of course they wanted me, to take their photo…. This is kind of standard for us, every time we see these murals, we have to take a load of pictures, pulling different funny faces 😁

Whilst at the stall, my son Harrison, the most chatty boy, that you will ever meet, started talking to one of the volunteers, a lady called Jan. He told Jan, all about how I had travelled from up north, with him and his brothers, to the festival alone. After listening to Harrison, Jan came over to me, she was surprised, yet impressed that I had done it alone. We instantly hit it off, she said that for the rest of the weekend, the boys and I had to join her, her husband and friends.

It was at that point Jan said to me “I better not introduce you to Pat”, I was then startled by a sexy southern voice behind, responding “what are you saying about me!”.

This was the beginning, of many firsts, my first ever long distance relationship and my first relationship after my split from my husband.

Pat and I chatted all evening, it was quite a magical festival meeting, listening to the Madness, a laser show projected onto the castle, our kids running round, having fun together 😁

We talked none stop, to be honest I couldn’t even tell you what about… other than, Pat used to work for a company, with a head office, in the village that I lived and recognised my accent, I was quite impressed by this πŸ˜‚

We exchanged numbers and Pat asked, if he came up north, would I go out with him on a date. I answered yes, although to be completely honest, I thought he was kidding.

Our meeting, was short lived, as on Sunday we packed up our tent and headed to Bournemouth.

However despite the meeting being short lived, we text and talked every day from that point onwards.

As with all relationships, this is one of many tales.

Some happy, however some sad.

I have no doubt, that I will share further stories and experiences about Pat, however this is the story of how we met, so I’m going to leave it at this ☺️

😘 X

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