Relationship goal….

This isn’t so much a relationship story of mine… However it is a funny one, with a lovely ending.

So I really wanted to share it 😁

This time last year, I went to my very first festival, just me and my boys.

Camp Bestival! The Madness were headlining and it’s designed for families. Perfect mini adventure for us 😁

We live north of England, so the drive down, took over 5 hours, by the time we arrived it was after 3pm, we were tired and all the best tent spots had gone.

Being my first festival, of course it was a clever idea to take a 12 man tent for myself and 3 boys 🙄

I also did not pack a trolley, to cart everything from my car, to the tent spot. Thinking back, I probably should have googled tips and tricks for first time festival go-ers!

Oh well, we live and learn lol.

So as you can probably imagine, it took quite a few runs, to shift everything from my car, up and down hills to our pitch.

Finally, we had got everything unloaded, from the car and I set myself to the challenge of pitching the 12-man tent alone 😳

Of course… I hadn’t set the tent up prior, to the festival and it was missing the instructions! I think that I was having one of those days!

So setting the tent up alone, was proving to be a difficult challenge. I imagine, that with the world, we live in, someone probably filmed me and my comical efforts, are famous on YouTube 🤣

I had managed to get 3 long poles, through the designated slots, however the 4th one, just was not playing.

The tent kept falling over and I was clueless, as to what I was doing wrong.

I’d been trying to put the tent up, for well over an hour, still determined, that the tent WAS going up, despite being extremely frustrated.

I’d tried googling the tent, getting the kids to hold different parts still, hammering in a few tent pegs… Nothing was working.

I must have looked like a pretty sad case… “oh look, at that single city mum, unable to put a tent up”.

Anyway finally, this wonderful family, spotted me and took pity.

The Dad of the family advised me “You’re putting the tent up, inside out”

Of course this is one of those typical things, that only I could manage!

I was so grateful for their help, they were pros at erecting tents, honestly had the tent up within about 15 minutes.

I guess it is easy when you know what you’re doing… And of course, putting the tent up, the right way round.

I think if I had been left to it, then I’d have still been at it, come nightfall!

One day, I hope that I can share Camp Bestival and the amazing experience with my Mr Right!

And for us be that amazing couple, when there’s a single mum/dad in their time of need, us being able to help them out.

Relationship Goal!! 😁

😘 X

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