When Loneliness hits you smack bang in the face!

Most of the time I find myself, keeping busy, doing as much as I can, so that I never really notice, I am alone.

However once in a while, something happens, which does make you feel very very alone…

This is one of those stories, that could only happen to me!

I’m a geek, love my tech, so of course, I have an amazing bedroom techie setup, complete with a HD projector, soundbar and Xbox. The Xbox is linked to my PC, so I can easily access all my media ๐Ÿ˜

Of course a setup like this is strategically balanced, on top of my chest of drawers, rather than screwed sensibly into place!

As well as the strategically placed media equipment, the extension lead that all my tech plugs into, is a short one, about a 0.5 meter lead. As the lead is so short, it’s wedged carefully behind my headboard as isn’t quite long enough to rest flat on the floor.

A few months ago, late one night, I was very comfy in bed and I didn’t want to move. I’m sure that you have, at some point, been in that ultimate comfy bed position!

My phone needed charging and I had the charger within reach, ideally at that point, I should have got up and switched the light on. Of course me being me, I didn’t.

Fumbling around in the dark, I tried to plug my phone charger in. The plug was not going into the socket, no matter how I wiggled it, it just refused!

As I wiggled the plug a little harder, the extension dropped from behind my headboard, straight onto the floor.

As the extension lead dropped, it pulled the cable of my soundbar, pulling with it of course… The soundbar itself!

Luckily for the soundbar, my head came between it and the floor, preventing it from getting broken. Unfortunately my head on the other hand… pound!


Almost immediately, a large egg shaped bruise came out, it was a corker, along with a bloody cut.

Oh the pain, I actually cried it hurt that much…. My head was banging and I was left feeling rather daft!

That’s the moment I realised how alone I was, no one there to suggest reason and make me think about my daft actions, no one to comfort me, when I was hurt and really afterwards… I just wanted a cuddle.

I don’t really get many big bumps to the head, luckily!

However, it is times like that, that I do miss that someone, who is there, to comfort me and make me feel better ๐Ÿ˜ข

Once in a while, everyone needs a cuddle.

๐Ÿ˜˜ X

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