What type of person are you attracted too??

I have a type…

However I don’t restrict dating, to the type that I am, physically attracted too, as I would rather find a guy, with a good personality, over someone who is smoking hot.

Don’t get me wrong, there has to be a physical attraction, whether I’m attracted to the smile, like with stark… he wasn’t my physical type whatsoever, first bald guy I’ve dated 🤣

Or Pat who had amazing hair and eyes (you’ll meet Pat in a future blog), Pat was the oldest guy I’ve ever dated.

I didn’t see either of them and think “fwarrr, I want to rip your clothes off”, the way I did with my first long term boyfriend. It was more, that they seemed nice at the time.

Although looking at these guys now, maybe my type is the douche bag. If you have douche bag written on your forehead, then I will want to date you 😂

For me personality is the number one quality, the way I see it is, if I’m going to be with this guy, then I don’t want to live a mundane life, just existing again! Been there, done that with Bill.

I want a guy who will make me laugh, someone who is willing to tell me when I’m wrong, but also recognises when I’m right.

I’m not going to change who I am, just to make a guy like me. No one should have to change, as when you find that right person, they accept your good points and negative because they fully accept you and the person who you are.

Its quite scary, as so many people put on a front and what you’re getting in the tin is completely different, to what is on the label. It’s this that makes dating hard.

I’ve got a mental checklist ☑

Maybe if I write it down, I’ll find my guy, the way that the Banks family find Mary Poppins 😜

Haha I feel a bit like, breaking out into a song and dance now, however that doesn’t really help with a blog 🤣

The sad case, that I’ve found in dating some guys, is that they will settle for anything and be unhappy because to them, that is better than being alone.

I won’t do that! Surely everyone deserves to be happy and if you believe that, then it’s worth holding out for someone that complements your personality, rather than brings you down.

Don’t get me wrong, you’ll never get 100% perfect, there’s always going to be disagreements but there should be more happy times than sad.

If you are dreading getting home from work, procrastinating, trying to avoid your partner, then you are likely in an unhappy relationship.

The way I see it is, you’ve got two choices, you either need to talk and work together to try and fix it or walk away.

If you do want advice on this, please contact me. I made the decision to walk away and with only a few legal issues to take care of now, I am through the worse of it.

😘 X


  1. Absolutely brilliant. I’m not smoking hot and would never profess to be but I love to see someone else laugh and be happy. You blog is so insightful.

    All credit for you speaking your mind.
    It has to be a partnership and two people working together.

    I’ve always said, I can’t wait to finish work or whatever, and completely look forward to seeing the one I’m with. That’s the motivation.
    Nothing is ever 100% perfect, but I’d always try 100% for it to be that way x


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