Have you ever flirted to avoid trouble

Have you ever seen that friends episode, were Rachel flirts with the police officer to avoid getting a ticket?

My blog is about full honesty and I have to admit, that I have flirted with a police officer, to avoid getting in trouble!!

Not many people know about this story! So what better opportunity, to open up and share the truth 🤣

Here’s my encounter….

About 10 years ago, although it doesn’t feel like that long. I was only 21 and had been driving for a few months. It was a Saturday night, a couple of the guys were over and we really fancied a bottle of Jack Daniels. I decided, that I would nip to to the supermarket, for a bottle, it was relatively late and Tesco was the only shop still open. Me and one of the guys, we’ll call this one luke, jumped into my car… My car was named Neo, a red, 2.0l Ford mondeo, a belter of a first car and as you can probably imagine, driving that at 21 did attract attention.

We grabbed a bottle and a few snacks to go with, crisps, ice cream 😁 and then headed on back!

So far so good!

However I’m a bit of a div 🙄

As I said before, it was late and when we got out of the shop it was almost dark. Me being the div that I am, I forgot to put my car lights on 😳

Tesco is opposite a police station, so really not the best place, to forget about car lights.

At times, I like to think, that I’m a bit of a girl racer! So showing off to luke, I put my foot down and went whizzing down the road, impressively still within the speed limit!

Just around the corner, a police car was parked up! 🙁

They were positioned, so that I only spotted them, once I’d hit the corner.

Of course, driving a 2.0l car, without lights, in the dark, at 21, caught their attention!

So they pulled me.

This was the first time, I had ever had an encounter with the police for something that I’d done wrong!

There were 2 police officers, young’ish and they were both tall, dark and handsome… just my type 😁

I love good hair on a man, definitely my thing!

So of course, I immediately apologised in my sweetest, most innocent voice:

“I’m sooooo sorry, I realise that I forgot to put my lights on”….

“I’m a new driver and I don’t often drive at night”

“I really cannot apologise enough”

The police officer checked my details, everything was in order, he told me to be careful going forward and sent me on my way.

I got back in my car and luke was in stitches!

He told me:

“you jammy git, if that had of been me, then I’d have got in trouble”

“you put on your sweet and innocent act and the officer was like putty in your hands”

Of course when we got back to my house, luke took great pleasure in telling our other friend!

It still does tickle me, when I think back!

I’d really love to know, how many people out there have also tried this approach??

Did it work or backfire??

😘 X

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